25-30 August 2019
Henry Ford Building
Europe/Berlin timezone

High-Field and Fast-MAS Solid-State NMR: Enabling Application to Pharmaceuticals and Supramolecular Assembly

29 Aug 2019, 10:30
Lecture Hall D (Henry Ford Building)

Lecture Hall D

Henry Ford Building

Invited talk Solid-state NMR development and applications Solid-state NMR Methods


Prof. Steven Brown (University of Warwick)


Applications of advanced solid-state NMR methods for probing intermolecular interactions, notably hydrogen bonding are presented: Homonuclear 1H-1H double-quantum (DQ) experiments reveal proximities (typically under 3.5 Angstroms) among pairs of hydrogen atoms, for example distinguishing between ribbon-like or quartet-like self assembly in guanosine supramolecular structures [1-2] or pushing the limit of detection for a minority solid-state form of a pharmaceutical molecule [3]. 14N-1H spectra show one-bond NH connectivities or additionally longer-range NH proximities depending on the recoupling time employed: Applications to guanosine self assembly [4], a pharmaceutical [5] and to probe the stability of a fumarate salt [6] are shown.

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Primary author

Prof. Steven Brown (University of Warwick)

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