25-30 August 2019
Henry Ford Building
Europe/Berlin timezone

Boosting the NMR characterization of small- to medium-sized molecules

28 Aug 2019, 10:30
Lecture Hall B (Henry Ford Building)

Lecture Hall B

Henry Ford Building

Invited talk Small molecules Small Molecules


Prof. Katalin E. Kövér (University of Debrecen)


The recently introduced CLIP-COSY[1] experiment providing homonuclear correlation spectrum with high quality clean in-phase multiplets expedites the assignment of scalar coupled proton spin network, aiding the structure elucidation of small- and medium-sized molecules. The resolution of COSY spectra is, however, limited by the inherently small chemical shift dispersion of proton resonances.

Last year we devised HSQC-variant of the CLIP-COSY experiment[2] for enhancing the resolving power of the method by utilizing the increased chemical shift range of heteronuclei. Herein, it will be demonstrated that the performance of the original HSQC-CLIP-COSY experiment can be further boosted with incorporation of heteronuclear spin echo block(s) in the pulse sequence, allowing phase-editing of crosspeaks of different types. The edited HSQC-CLIP-COSY experiments providing well-resolved spectra have great promise, enabling straightforward NMR assignments for carbohydrates and peptides and for other types of molecules.

The applicability of the CLIP-COSY approach can be extended for binding studies using a combined STD-CLIP-COSY(relayed) experiment. The resulting well-resolved, high quality 2D spectrum makes feasible to separate overlapping signals of 1D STD, allowing quantitative assessment of binding.

In small-molecule NMR there has always been a need for an experiment to distinguish between two- and three-bond correlations for quaternary 13C-s in a sensitive and reliable way. Last year we introduced a simple, non-selective experiment, SEA XLOC[3], which is capable to distinguish these correlations in a novel way and is applicable for all 13C multiplicities.

In the talk the scope and limitations of these experiments will be illustrated by applications to spins systems of varying complexity.

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Primary author

Prof. Katalin E. Kövér (University of Debrecen)

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