25-30 August 2019
Henry Ford Building
Europe/Berlin timezone

Advances and Adventures with Compact NMR

26 Aug 2019, 10:30
Max Kade Auditorium (Henry Ford Building)

Max Kade Auditorium

Henry Ford Building

Invited talk Benchtop & low-field NMR Benchtop & Low-field NMR


Prof. Bernhard Blümich (RWTH Aachen University)


My adventures with NMR started in 1973 at the Technical University in Berlin with a just-for-fun project on a 90 MHz ‘high-field‘ Fourier NMR spectrometer [1]. Fun and curiosity has been my main driver since to explore different measurement NMR methodologies along with novel applications. Building on experience with spectroscopy of liquids and solids in homogeneous fields, insights into imaging and the Hahn echo promised new challenges and discoveries with NMR in inhomogeneous fields [2,3]. Such fields can be produced with smaller and cheaper magnets than homogeneous magnetic fields and triggered my quest for the simplest NMR experiment, which lead to stray-field NMR and the NMR-MOUSE. Thanks to my good fortune of working together with brilliant students, postdocs, and colleagues, the NMR-MOUSE evolved into something useful and led to compact magnets with homogeneous fields suitable for NMR spectroscopy. The NMR-MOUSE and benchtop NMR-spectrometers from 40 MHz to 80 MHz are now in the Magritek portfolio, while my group explores the new opportunities provided by their commercial availability [4,5]. This lecture reminisces some of my steps in the world of NMR and reports recent adventures with compact NMR for relaxometry in museums and outdoors as well as for chemical analysis by spectroscopy on the tabletop.

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Primary author

Prof. Bernhard Blümich (RWTH Aachen University)

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