25-30 August 2019
Henry Ford Building
Europe/Berlin timezone

Late Abstracts Policy

We will accept a limited number of posters specifically for attendees who have already registered and made payment for EUROISMAR 2019. Please follow our Twitter feed for any change in status.

We have received a surprisingly high number of abstract submissions. Therefore, poster presentation space at EUROISMAR 2019 is very limited.

Some facts:

  • Over 800 abstracts were submitted on time, prior to the 1 July 2019 deadline.
    • including invited and plenary speakers,
    • including around 80 abstracts that were selected for an oral presentation.
  • We have accepted over 600 posters that are all presented by a participant who have registered by 8 July 2019.
    • 90% of these participants have already paid the registration fee for the conference by 8 July 2019.
  • We have already decided to reduce the display time of posters to ensure that all accepted posters can be displayed for approximately half of the conference.

Clearly, from a principle of fairness, we have to ensure that we provide sufficient space and time for the poster presenters who have submitted on time and committed to attending EUROISMAR 2019.

Some further information on the situation:

  • We have ordered 450 poster boards, with the view that it would be possible to display up to 700-800 posters even if some boards are only used on one side.
  • Due to renovations of the venue, the scale of which we were not sufficiently notified in advance, we have a reduction in rooms for placing poster boards.
  • We have to ensure sufficient space for many vendor booths for the our supporters and exhibitors, who enable EUROISMAR 2019 to take place, as well as enabled us to offer travel stipends to support the attendance of graduate students.
  • We have to ensure sufficient space for the catering needs of 1000 attendees.
  • After careful measurement of the display space and clarifying the fire safety requirements of the venue, we are left with space to display around 600 posters.
  • We are actively working on the floorplan to ensure as many posters can be displayed as possible. However, this is subject to further negotiations with the venue as well as other limitations and constraints in the overall conference administration.

If there is a change in the poster display status, it will be announced on the website as well as via our Twitter feed.

For clarity, we reproduce the text below, which was on the deadline page prior to the poster abstract submission deadline.

  • Please note that we only accept abstracts through our website submission form.
  • We cannot accept abstracts through email or as email attachments.
  • Please note that it will not be possible to access the abstract submission page after the deadline. The website executes the deadline automatically without human intervention.
  • Please note that this deadline will NOT be extended due to increasingly limited space at the conference venue.
  • Late posters will most likely NOT be accepted due to lack of space at the conference venue.

For abstract-related inquiries, please contact euroismar2019-abstracts@fmp-berlin.de after reading through the bullet points above.

We reserve the right to withdraw posters that have been accepted scientifically but not presented by a registered and paid participant due to limited poster presentation space.

In the case of insufficient space, posters that pass scientific review will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Only timestamps on the abstract submission system on the website will be considered (not email timestamps).