25-30 August 2019
Henry Ford Building
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Finding the Poster Board Number

If your abstract is found on the contributions page, it has been accepted for presentation during EUROISMAR 2019.

The contributions page lists the tracking ID for your abstract. Please click on the title of your abstract to see the page that is specifically for your abstract.

Once you are on that page, you can find your board number:

How to find board number for your poster


There are some other labels for your poster, as summarized by this table.

Label Accepted Listed on website Listed in abstract book Board number
Poster Yes Yes Yes 1-542
Poster-Late Yes Yes Yes 543-605
Poster-Late-OnlineAbstract Yes Yes No to be confirmed

If marked as "Poster", it is accepted and will be printed in the abstract book. Your poster has been allocated a board number from 1-542.

If your abstract is marked as a "Poster-Late", we have accepted your poster, but have had problems ascertaining your registration and payment at the 1 July 2019 payment deadline. We have now confirmed your registration and payment status, your poster will be printed in the abstract book, and your poster has been allocated a board number from 543-605.

If your abstract is marked as "Poster-Late-OnlineAbstracts", we have accepted your poster. Although your abstract will not be included in the printed abstract book, it will be visible on the website like all the other accepted abstracts. You should receive a poster board number about one week before the conference. In case of delays, you will be informed of your board number when you arrive at EUROISMAR 2019.

Please see our poster presentation guidelines on how to prepare your poster and presentation dates and times.