from Sunday, 25 August 2019 (10:00) to Friday, 30 August 2019 (15:50)
Henry Ford Building

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25 Aug 2019
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10:00 --- Registration ---
Prize Lectures (until 10:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
08:40 Adventures with Long-Lived States - Prof. Malcolm Levitt (University of Southampton)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
09:20 New Methods for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Insulating Solids: The Overhauser Effect and Time Domain Techniques - Dr Thach Can (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
09:40 Endogenous DNP from Paramagnetic Dopants for Probing Functional Inorganic Materials - Dr Michal Leskes (Department of Materials and Interfaces, Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:00 --- Coffee ---
Benchtop & Low-field NMR (until 13:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:30 Advances and Adventures with Compact NMR - Prof. Bernhard Blümich (RWTH Aachen University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:05 Understanding novel spin physics to make clinical-scale hyperpolarization simple, fast and cheap - Prof. Warren Warren (Duke University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:30 Compact NMR for Metabolic Health Screening and Diabetes Prevention - Prof. David Cistola (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:55 A MOUSE for Heritage: In Pursuit of Art and Culture - Prof. Maria Baias (New York University Abu Dhabi)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
12:30 Wide field range studies of nuclear magnetic relaxation using optically pumped magnetometers - Mr Sven Bodenstedt (ICFO)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Biomolecules (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall A)
10:30 Disordered Protein Complexes - Prof. Birthe B. Kragelund (University of Copenhagen)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:05 Cross-correlated relaxation for studying intrinsically disordered proteins - Dr Anna Zawadzka-Kazimierczuk (University of Warsaw)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:30 NMR insight into transient structures and interactions within the RNA polymerase of bronchiolitis virus - Dr Christina Sizun (CNRS, Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:55 The role of proline residues in intrinsically disordered proteins - Prof. Roberta Pierattelli (CERM, University of Florence)   (Lecture Hall A)
12:30 The NMR structure of a gp41 cytoplasmic tail fragment reveals the structural basis of the transmembrane coupling of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein - Dr Alessandro Piai (Harvard Medical School)   (Lecture Hall A)
EPR (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall D)
10:30 Pulsed EPR and ENDOR with Photonic Bandgap Superconducting Microresonators - Prof. Stephen Lyon (Princeton University)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:05 Chemical Exchange Processes Studied by 95 GHz 2D-ELDOR - Dr Boris Dzikovski (Cornell University)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:30 Tuning Spin Dynamics in Crystalline Tetracene - Dr Naitik A. Panjwani (Berlin Joint EPR Lab, Fachbereich Physik, Freie Universität Berlin, D-14195, Berlin, Germany)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:55 Trityls vs nitroxides as spin labels - Prof. Elena Bagryanskaya (N.N.Vorozhtsov Institute of Organic Chemistry SB RAS)   (Lecture Hall D)
12:30 Deep neural network analysis of DEER data - Prof. Ilya Kuprov (University of Southampton)   (Lecture Hall D)
In-vivo (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall B)
10:30 Deuterium Metabolic Imaging (DMI), a novel MR-based method for in vivo mapping of metabolism - Prof. Robin de Graaf (Yale University)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:05 Quantitative Heterogeneity MRS (qhMRS) - A New Type of Line Shape Analysis Applicable to NMR Resonances Sensitive to Suitable Physicochemical Parameters - Prof. Norbert W. Lutz (CRMBM, Aix-Marseille University)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:30 In-vivo NMR and MRI study of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (SPIONs) on Daphnia Magna - Dr Bing Wu (University of Toronto)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:55 Imaging Human Brain Metabolism Exploiting Ultra-High Field MRI - Prof. Anke Henning (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)   (Lecture Hall B)
12:30 MRI at 2.15 MHz in a large-bore Halbach Array - Prof. Andrew Webb (C.J. Gorter Center for High Field MRI, Leiden University Medical Center)   (Lecture Hall B)
Solution-state NMR Methods (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall C)
10:30 New methods and theory for conformatonal dynamics of macromolecules - Dr Arthur Palmer (Columbia University)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:05 Localization of ligands in human carbonic anhydrase by 19F PCS NMR and new lanthanide chelating tags - Dr Daniel Häussinger (University of Basel)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:30 Accurate Measurement of Transverse Relaxation Rates in Systems with Coupled Protons - Dr Peter Kiraly (University of Manchester)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:55 Conformation Changes in Proteins Made Visible by Lanthanide Tags - Prof. Gottfried Otting (Australian National University)   (Lecture Hall C)
12:30 De-correlating kinetic and relaxation parameters in exchange saturation transfer NMR - Dr Vitali Tugarinov (National Institutes of Health)   (Lecture Hall C)
Plenary Lectures (until 10:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
08:40 Magnetic resonance for Cellular Structural Biology: from protein structures to functional processes in a cellular context - Prof. Lucia Banci (CERM and Dept. of Chemistry, University of Florence)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
09:20 Diffusion and electrophoretic NMR to characterize ion transport in electrolytes - Prof. Monika Schönhoff (Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Muenster)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:00 --- Coffee ---
Biomolecules (until 13:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:30 NMR investigation of the activation mechanism of the guardian of the germ cell TAp63a - Prof. Volker Dötsch (Goethe University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:05 Flavivirus capsid assembly and dynamics: evidence of a structure-driven regulation of protein interaction with intracellular hydrophobic interfaces. - Prof. Fabio C. L. Almeida (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ))   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:30 Progress of the structural characterization on a eukaryotic rhodopsin by solid-state NMR - Prof. Shenlin Wang (Peking University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:55 Insights into the Antifungal Activity of Amphotericin B from Solid-State NMR - Prof. Chad M. Rienstra (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
12:30 Assessing site-specific water accessibility in folded and unfolded proteins using hyperpolarization-enhanced 2D HMQC NMR - Prof. Lucio Frydman (Department of Chemical and Biological Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Computation (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall B)
10:30 Splitting hairs: Small physical effects in NMR - Prof. Juha Vaara (University of Oulu)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:05 Second order dispersion by optimised rotation pulses - Dr David Goodwin (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:30 First-principles computations of NMR shifts for extended paramagnetic solids: significant effects beyond the contact shifts - Dr Arobendo Mondal (Technical University of Munich, Germany)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:55 Computational methods for NMR crystallography of zeolites - Prof. Darren Brouwer (Redeemer University College)   (Lecture Hall B)
12:30 Methionine renaissance: computing methyl NMR assignments from X-ray structures - Prof. Miquel Pons (University of Barcelona)   (Lecture Hall B)
Dynamics (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall A)
10:30 Allostery and Dynamics in Ion Channels and Oligomeric Proteins - Prof. Ann McDermott (Columbia University)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:05 A high-resolution description of functional dynamics and allosteric coupling of the β1-adrenergic receptor from backbone NMR - Dr Anne Grahl (Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:30 13C-detected NMR methods to characterise side-chain behaviour in large molecular systems - Dr Ruth B. Pritchard (University of Sussex)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:55 Inspection of solution-state NMR data to evaluate protein conformational changes - Dr Rieko Ishima (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)   (Lecture Hall A)
12:30 Lanthanide-induced relaxation anisotropy - Dr Elizaveta Suturina (University of Bath)   (Lecture Hall A)
Hyperpolarization (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall D)
10:30 Confining and Quantifying Hyperpolarization: 460 GHz-700 MHz DNP NMR using Closed-Cycle Helium MAS and Dual Gyrotron Setup - Dr Yoh Matsuki (Osaka University)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:05 Multi-Sample Dissolution DNP with a Cryogen-Free Polariser - Dr Adam Gaunt (University of Cambridge)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:30 Catalyzing the progress in parahydrogen-based NMR hyperpolarization - Prof. Igor V. Koptyug (International Tomography Center, SB RAS)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:55 Utilizing hyperpolarized noble gas T1 relaxation contrast for MRI in biomedical and engineering applications. - Prof. Thomas Meersmann (University of Nottingham)   (Lecture Hall D)
12:30 75% Liquid-State 1H Polarization for Hyperpolarized Water - Dr Arthur C. Pinon (Technical University of Denmark)   (Lecture Hall D)
Materials (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall C)
10:30 Defects within Solid Materials Elucidated using NMR Spectroscopy – from Local Vacancies to Mesoscale Disorder - Prof. Juergen Senker (University of Bayreuth)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:05 125Te broadband solid-state NMR of the Dirac edge states in ultrathin Bi$_{2}$Te$_{3}$ nanoplatelets - Mr Wassilios Papawassiliou (Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry,Stockholm University)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:30 Transport of Organic Electrolytes and Ionic Liquids in Carbon Materials for Supercapacitors: The High-Gradient NMR Approach - Dr Muslim Dvoyashkin (Institute of Chemical Technology, Universität Leipzig)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:55 Solid-state NMR studies of the electrochemical cycling of LiNi$_{0.8}$Mn$_{0.1}$Co$_{0.1}$O$_2$ cathodes - Dr Katharina Märker (University of Cambridge; The Faraday Institution)   (Lecture Hall C)
12:30 Surface Structure Determination of Heterogeneous Catalysts by DNP SENS - Ribal Jabbour (High-Field NMR Center, Université de Lyon, FRE 2034, CNRS/ENS Lyon/ UCB Lyon1)   (Lecture Hall C)
Plenary Lectures (until 10:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
08:40 Recent Developments of DNP Enhanced Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy at High Magnetic Field and Fast MAS - Prof. Anne Lesage (University of Lyon)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
09:20 Boosting clinical diffusion MRI with principles from solid-state and Laplace NMR - Prof. Daniel Topgaard (Lund University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:00 --- Coffee ---
Biomolecules (until 12:30) (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:30 Integrative structural biology of non-coding RNA-protein complexes: telomerase and 7SK - Prof. Juli Feigon (University of California Los Angeles)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:05 A Case of Domain Cooperation in a Multidomain Protein Interaction at Telomeres. - Dr Philippe Cuniasse (Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC), CEA, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:30 Solution structure of Upstream-of-N-Ras, a 116 kDa multi-domain RNA binding protein - Dr Janosch Hennig (Structural and Computational Biology Unit, EMBL Heidelberg)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:55 High molecular-weight complexes in the regulation of gene expression: a view by integrative structural biology - Prof. Teresa Carlomagno (Leibniz Universität Hannover)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Biomolecules (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall C)
10:30 The True Tales of the Flexible Tails – Interaction of J-domain Protein with Hsp70 chaperones - Dr Rina Rosenzweig (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:05 Dynamic regulation of human Hsp70 chaperone functional cycle by its co-chaperones and client protein - Dr Guillaume Mas (Biozentrum, University of Basel )   (Lecture Hall C)
11:30 NMR Informed Molecular Modeling to Capture Transient Chaperone-Substrate Interactions - Dr Loic Salmon (Centre de RMN à Très Hauts Champs (CNRS/ENSL/UCBL))   (Lecture Hall C)
11:55 Atomic Insight into the Function and Activity of Molecular Chaperones - Dr Charalampos Kalodimos (St Jude Children's Research Hospital)   (Lecture Hall C)
EPR (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall D)
10:30 ESR microfluidics with picoliter samples - Prof. Aharon Blank (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:05 Spin-labeled nanobodies as proteins’ conformational reporters towards in-cell EPR applications. - Dr Laura Galazzo (Ruhr University Bochum)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:30 Quantitative sub-micromolar pulse dipolar EPR spectroscopy evidences high copper(II) labeling efficiency for double-histidine motifs - Dr Bela Bode (University of St Andrews)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:55 High-Frequency Electron-Nuclear Double Resonance to Study Biomolecules - Prof. Marina Bennati (MPI for Biophysical Chemistry & University of Göttingen)   (Lecture Hall D)
Instrumentation (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall A)
10:30 Wither the Spin Diffusion Barrier - Prof. Robert G. Griffin (MIT)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:05 Squeeze It Until It Breaks: In-situ NMR at Geophysically Relevant Conditions - Dr Thomas Meier (Bavarian Geoinstitute)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:30 Microscale NMR-spectroscopy with femtomole sensitivity using diamond quantum sensors - Dr Dominik Bucher (Technical University of Munich)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:55 Solid State NMR Probes for 1.5 GHz Spectrometer - Prof. Peter Gor'kov (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)   (Lecture Hall A)
Small Molecules (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall B)
10:30 Boosting the NMR characterization of small- to medium-sized molecules - Prof. Katalin E. Kövér (University of Debrecen)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:05 Prebiotic Organization of Biomolecules on Mineral surfaces - Mr Hagop Abadian   (Lecture Hall B)
11:30 Recent advances in polypeptidic thermoresponsive alignment media for organic compounds - Prof. Christina M. Thiele (Technische Universität Darmstadt)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:55 Fast quantitative 2D NMR for metabolomics - Prof. Patrick Giraudeau (Université de Nantes)   (Lecture Hall B)
Plenary Lectures (until 10:10) (Max Kade Auditorium)
08:40 Optically-pumped dynamic nuclear polarization under ambient conditions via nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond - Prof. Carlos Meriles (CUNY - CIty College of New York)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
09:30 High-resolution NMR spectroscopy applied for field inhomogeneity and spectral congestion - Prof. Zhong Chen (Xiamen University) Prof. Yuqing Huang (Department of Electronic Science, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Society Meetings (until 09:30) (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:10 --- Coffee ---
Biomolecules (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall C)
10:30 Spinning faster: Developments and Applications to Biological NMR - Prof. Beat H Meier (ETH Zurich)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:05 Sensitivity-Enhanced Protein Solid-state NMR using Ultra-fast MAS and Structural Studies of Alzheimer’s Amyloid-β - Dr Yoshitaka Ishii (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:30 Atomic resolution characterization of a folding intermediate by pressure-jump NMR - Dr Cyril Charlier (NIH)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:55 Monitoring phosphorylation events at the interface between the nuclear envelope and chromatin - Dr Sophie Zinn-Justin (Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell, CEA, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, CE-Saclay, Gif/Yvette, France)   (Lecture Hall C)
12:30 Protein phase diagrams determined by high-pressure NMR - Prof. Jochen Balbach (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg)   (Lecture Hall C)
Hyperpolarization in Materials (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall A)
10:30 Dynamic Phenomena in Fuel Cells and Batteries Investigated by Various NMR Techniques - Dr Oc Hee Han (Korea Basic Science Institute )   (Lecture Hall A)
11:05 Bulk Hyperpolarization of Inorganic Materials - Snaedis Björgvinsdóttir (EPFL)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:30 Room-temperature triplet dynamic nuclear polarization in nanoporous materials and in water - Prof. Nobuhiro Yanai (Kyushu University)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:55 DNP Polarizing Agents for High-Field, Fast-MAS and Variable Temperature - Prof. Moreno Lelli (University of Florence)   (Lecture Hall A)
12:30 Improving bis-nitroxides' geometry for MAS-DNP - Frederic Mentink-Vigier (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University)   (Lecture Hall A)
In-vivo (until 13:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:30 In-Cell NMR: Past, Present and Future - Prof. Phil Selenko (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:05 In-cell PELDOR of spin-labelled RNA duplexes - Dr Alberto Collauto (Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry and Center for Biomolecular Resonance)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:30 In-cell DNP Supported Solid-State NMR on Soluble Proteins - Mr Siddarth Narasimhan (Utrecht University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:55 Structure determination of antimicrobial peptides in model membranes and live bacteria - Prof. Frances Separovic (University of Melbourne)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
12:30 Fluxomic studies by in cell and in vitro Dissolution-Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR - Mr David Guarin (Laboratoire des biomolécules, LBM, Département de chimie, École normale supérieure, PSL University, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, 75005 Paris, France)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Metabolomics (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall B)
10:30 New Discoveries on HBV infection by Metabolomics - Prof. Yulan Wang (Singapore Phenome Center, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:05 Slice-selective, high-resolution MAS NMR of intact tissue biopsies gives improved spatial resolution of metabolic distributions - Ms Elisabeth V. Vonhof (Division of Integrative Systems and Digestive Medicine, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:30 Advanced Analysis of Chronic Kidney Disease by NMR Derived Metabolomic Fingerprints - Prof. Wolfram Gronwald (Institute of Functional Genomics, University of Regensburg, Germany )   (Lecture Hall B)
11:55 Improving survival predictability and biological insight through NMR based metabolomics of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) - Dr Neeraj Sinha (Centre of Biomedical Research)   (Lecture Hall B)
12:30 The effect of osmolytes in biomolecular stability as investigated by NMR spectroscopy. Lessons from halophilic proteins - Dr Oscar Millet (CIC bioGUNE)   (Lecture Hall B)
Solid-state NMR Methods (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall D)
10:30 High-Field and Fast-MAS Solid-State NMR: Enabling Application to Pharmaceuticals and Supramolecular Assembly - Prof. Steven Brown (University of Warwick)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:05 Protein resonance assignment without spectral analysis: five-dimensional spectroscopy of immobilized proteins at ultrafast MAS - Dr Jan Stanek (Biological and Chemical Research Centre, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:30 Solid-state NMR strategies towards speed and resolution - Ms Kshama Sharma (TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:55 Multiple acquisitions for protein assignment, structure and dynamics - Prof. Józef Lewandowski (University of Warwick)   (Lecture Hall D)
12:30 Biomolecular structural conversion processes probed with DNP-enhanced, millisecond time-resolved solid state NMR - Dr Robert Tycko (National Institutes of Health)   (Lecture Hall D)
Plenary Lectures (until 10:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
08:40 NMR of Aromatic Side Chains in Large Proteins - Prof. Gerhard Wagner (Harvard Medical School)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
09:20 Manipulation of Spin Dynamics for Extraction of Spectral Parameters, Ultra High Resolution and Sensitivity Enhancement: Application to small molecules - Prof. Nagaraja rao Suryaprakash (Indian Institute of Science)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:00 --- Coffee ---
Dynamics (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall D)
10:30 Allosteric signaling pathways and energetics in the glucocorticoid receptor - Prof. Mikael Akke (Lund University)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:05 Rheological NMR for the study of polymer dynamics - Dr Ulrich Scheler (Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresdne e.V.)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:30 Molecular ordering and dynamics in anisotropic soft materials studied by low-resolution proton NMR - Prof. Kay Saalwächter (Martin-Luther-Univ. Halle-Wittenberg)   (Lecture Hall D)
11:55 Extending the range of magnetic fields for high-resolution biomolecular NMR by orders of magnitude - Prof. Fabien Ferrage (CNRS and Ecole Normale Superieure)   (Lecture Hall D)
Hyperpolarization (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall A)
10:30 High Throughput Hyperpolarization for Drug Screening - Prof. Geoffrey Bodenhausen (Ecole Normale Supérieure)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:05 Frequency-Chirped Millimeter-Wave Control of 13C-DNP in Diamond - Dr Daphna Shimon (Dartmouth College)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:30 Signal-improved real-time NMR spectroscopy of proteins by hyperpolarized water - Prof. Dennis Kurzbach (University of Vienna)   (Lecture Hall A)
11:55 SABRE Chemistry and Spin Physics for High Precision Measurements and Biomedical Applications - Dr Sören Lehmkuhl (North Carolina State University)   (Lecture Hall A)
MRI Developments (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall B)
10:30 Developments of NMR for Applications in Chemical Engineering and Medicine - Prof. Petrik Galvosas (MacDiamid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University Wellington)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:05 New developments in production of proton-hyperpolarized propane gas for MRI - Dr Oleg G. Salnikov (International Tomography Center SB RAS and Novosibirsk State University)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:30 Ultra-high field MRI and MRS: Opportunities and Challenges from Anatomical Imaging and Metabolite Detection for Biological Specimens - Ms Julia R. Krug (Laboratory of BioNanoTechnology and Laboratory of Biophysics,Wageningen University & Research)   (Lecture Hall B)
11:55 In vivo three-dimensional extracellular pH mapping of tumors using EPR - Prof. Hiroshi Hirata (Hokkaido University)   (Lecture Hall B)
Solution-state NMR Methods (until 12:30) (Max Kade Auditorium)
10:30 Investigating the dynamic conformational landscape of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) - Dr Daniel Nietlispach (University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:05 Light-induced changes in the conformational dynamics of a reversibly photo-switchable fluorescent protein revealed by solution NMR spectroscopy - Ms Nina-Eleni Christou (Institute de Biologie Structurale, UGA, CNRS, CEA)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:30 Ribosome induced riboswitch structure melting - Mrs Vanessa de Jesus (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
11:55 Leveraging the Achilles heel of high-gamma nuclei to observe low-gamma nuclei. - Dr Haribabu Arthanari (Havard Medical School)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Spin Physics (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall C)
10:30 Ultrasensitive beta-detected NMR at CERN: first results in physics and biology - Prof. Magdalena Kowalska (UNIGE, CERN)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:05 Direct magnetic field dependence of NMR shielding - Dr Anu M. Kantola (University of Oulu)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:30 Towards single-shot readout of NV centers in diamond by low-temperature spin-to-charge conversion - Dr Friedemann Reinhard (TU München, Walter Schottky Institut)   (Lecture Hall C)
11:55 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of A Single Molecule - Prof. Fazhan Shi (University of Science and Technology of China)   (Lecture Hall C)
12:30 --- Luncheon ---
13:00 --- Bruker User Meeting ---
16:00 --- Opening of the Meeting ---
Prize Lectures (until 18:55) (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:15 Introduction of ISMAR Prize - Dr Robert Tycko (National Institutes of Health)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:25 NMR and IDPs - Dr Jane Dyson (Scripps Research)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:45 Relaxing with IDPs: NMR analysis of dynamics and molecular interactions - Dr Peter Wright (Scripps Research)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:10 Introduction of Ernst Prize - Prof. Lucia Banci (CERM-University of Florence (Italy))   (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:20 DEER on cells with Gd(III) - Prof. Daniella Goldfarb (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:40 Everyone needs a little help from one’s friends: Synergy between NMR, cryo-EM and large-Scale MD Simulations - Prof. Angela M. Gronenborn (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
18:10 Introduction of Felix-Bloch Lecture - Prof. Burkhard Luy (Institute for Biological Interfaces 4 - Magnetic Resonance and Institute for Organic Chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
18:15 Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Proteins in a Native Environment - Prof. Franz Hagn (Department of Chemistry and Institute for Advanced Study, Technical University of Munich and Helmholtz Zentrum München)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
18:55 --- Welcome Reception ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Posters (until 16:00) ()
16:00 --- Coffee ---
Biomolecules (until 17:40) (Lecture Hall D)
16:15 Selective High-Resolution DNP-Enhanced NMR of Biomolecular Binding Sites - Dr Sabine Hediger (CNRS)   (Lecture Hall D)
16:50 Interaction between Cell-Wall and Biosynthetic Enzymes Using a Combination of Liquid- and Solid-State NMR Approaches - Prof. Jean-Pierre Simorre (CNRS)   (Lecture Hall D)
17:15 Unravelling Glycan-Lectin Interactions: from STD to Paramagnetic NMR - Prof. Jesus Jimenez-Barbero (CIC bioGUNE)   (Lecture Hall D)
Biomolecules (until 17:40) (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:15 New Long-Distance SSNMR Techniques and Their Applications to Protein Structure Determination - Prof. Mei Hong (MIT)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:50 Molecular mechanisms behind Remorin nanodomain formation - Dr Birgit Habenstein (CBMN / IECB UMR 5248 CNRS University of Bordeaux)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:15 Solution NMR of nanodisc-embedded proteins: new molecular insights into protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions - Prof. Jordan Chill (Department of Chemistry, Bar Ilan University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Biomolecules (until 17:40) (Lecture Hall C)
16:15 Copper trafficking in eukaryotic systems: Current knowledge from experimental and computational efforts - Prof. Sharon Ruthstein (Bar Ilan University)   (Lecture Hall C)
16:50 Structural description of the target search process by a disordered transcription factor - Mr Conor Kelly (University of Oxford)   (Lecture Hall C)
17:15 A generalized approach for NMR studies of lipid–protein interactions based on sparse fluorination of acyl chains - Dr Tammo Diercks (CiC bioGUNE)   (Lecture Hall C)
Materials (until 17:40) (Lecture Hall A)
16:15 Probing Ion Mobility Mechanisms in Solid Electrolytes using Solid-State NMR - Dr Karen Johnston (Durham University)   (Lecture Hall A)
16:50 Structure and Dynamics of Defects in Metal-organic Frameworks studied by Solid-state NMR - Ms Yao Fu (Zhejiang University)   (Lecture Hall A)
17:15 Solid-state and in situ NMR studies of flexible metal-organic frameworks - Prof. Eike Brunner (TU Dresden)   (Lecture Hall A)
Spin Physics (until 17:40) (Lecture Hall B)
16:15 Electron Spin Relaxation Mechanisms of Atomic Hydrogen Trapped in Silsesquioxane Cages: the Role of Isotope Substitution - Dr George Mitrikas (Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, NCSR Demokritos)   (Lecture Hall B)
16:50 Coherent control of solid state nuclear spin nano-ensembles - Dr Boris Naydenov (Institute for Nanospectroscopy, Helmholty Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Kekulestr. 5, 12489 Berlin)   (Lecture Hall B)
17:15 Stable radicals tethered to pentacene studied using time resolved EPR and transient absorption spectroscopy - Dr Claudia E. Avalos (Institut des Sciences et Ingénierie Chimiques, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)   (Lecture Hall B)
Plenary Lectures (until 18:30) (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:40 Summarizing the static DNP mechanisms - Prof. Shimon Vega (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
18:30 --- Bruker Night ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Posters (until 16:00) ()
16:00 --- Coffee ---
Biomolecules (until 17:40) (Lecture Hall A)
16:15 Conformations of Tau in Dynamic Assemblies - Prof. Markus Zweckstetter (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE))   (Lecture Hall A)
16:50 Multivalency and phase separation of measles virus replication machinery. - Serafima Guseva (Viral Replication Machines Group & Protein Dynamics and Flexibility by NMR Group, Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS), CEA, CNRS, University Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France)   (Lecture Hall A)
17:15 A Molecular View of the Liquid to Gel Phase Transition of Heterochromatin Protein HP1α - Prof. Galia Debelouchina (University of California, San Diego)   (Lecture Hall A)
EPR (until 17:40) (Lecture Hall C)
16:15 Studying structure and function of sialic acid TRAP transporters from pathogenic bacteria by pulsed EPR, FRET and X-ray crystallography - Dr Gregor Hagelueken (University of Bonn)   (Lecture Hall C)
16:50 When stronger magnets don’t help: Methods for disentangling overlapping high-field EPR spectra illustrated in record organic solar cell blend PBDB-T:ITIC - Ms Melissa Van Landeghem (Department of Physics, University of Antwerp)   (Lecture Hall C)
17:15 Non-magnetic magnetic resonance - Prof. Gunnar Jeschke (ETH Zürich)   (Lecture Hall C)
Instrumentation (until 17:40) (Lecture Hall D)
16:15 Dissolvable inserts for achieving performance enhanced resonators - Prof. Rachel Martin (University of California, Irvine)   (Lecture Hall D)
16:50 Rapid scan EPR-on-a-chip - Silvio Künstner (Berlin Joint EPR Laboratory, Institut für Nanospektroskopie, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie)   (Lecture Hall D)
17:15 Rheology and 23Na Multiple Quantum Filtered (MQF) rheo-NMR and MRI of Bile Salt Micelles - Dr Galina Pavlovskaya (University of Nottingham)   (Lecture Hall D)
NMR in Drug Design (until 17:40) (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:15 Cancer Drug Discovery Using Fragment-Based Methods and Structure-Based Design - Prof. Stephen Fesik (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:50 Modulation of aggregating proteins studied by NMR and beyond in neuro- and cellular degeneration - Prof. Christian Griesinger (MPIbpc)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:15 NMR as a tool for defining cyclotide membrane binding: applications in medicine and agriculture - Prof. David Craik (University of Queensland)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Small Molecules (until 17:40) (Lecture Hall B)
16:15 New approaches for J-coupling measurement and five-membered ring conformation analysis - Dr Davy Sinnaeve (CNRS / Université de Lille)   (Lecture Hall B)
16:50 A boost in Drug Discovery with Secondary-labeled Hyperpolarized Ligands - Dr Olivier Cala (Université de Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, ENS de Lyon, CNRS, CRMN FRE 2034)   (Lecture Hall B)
17:15 Monitoring Oxygen Levels in Microfluidic Devices using 19F NMR - Ms Sylwia Ostrowska (University of Southampton)   (Lecture Hall B)
Plenary Lectures (until 18:25) (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:45 Transporter Conformational Dynamics from Spin Labeling EPR Spectroscopy - Prof. Hassane S. Mchaourab (Vanderbilt University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Society Meetings (until 18:55) (Max Kade Auditorium)
Posters (until 21:00) ()
12:30 --- Brunch ---
Prize Lectures (until 14:20) (Max Kade Auditorium)
13:35 Complex Formation of the Tetracycline‐Binding Aptamer Investigated by Specific Cross‐Relaxation under DNP - Victoria Aladin (Goethe University Frankfurt)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
13:45 Insight into small molecule binding to the neonatal Fc receptor by X-ray crystallography and 100 kHz magic-angle-spinning NMR - Daniel Friedrich (Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie, Berlin, Germany)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
13:55 Time evolution of coupled spin systems in a generalized Wigner representation - Dr Bálint Koczor (Technische Universität München, now University of Oxford)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
14:05 Dynamic nuclear polarization of 13C in the liquid state over a 10 Tesla field range - Dr Tomas Orlando (RG ESR Spectroscopy, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Plenary Lectures (until 15:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
14:20 Stronger Together: Bacterial Weaving of Functional Amyloid and Polysaccharide Composites to Assemble Multicellular Biofilm Communities - Prof. Lynette Cegelski (Stanford University)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Tutorials (until 18:00) (Max Kade Auditorium)
15:00 Basics of MRI - Bernd Ittermann (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB))   (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:00 Quantum-Chemical Methods - Prof. Martin Kaupp (Technische Universität Berlin)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:00 You Spin Me Right 'Round: Tensors and Rotations in NMR - Prof. Leonard Mueller (UC Riverside)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Society Meetings (until 16:15) (Lecture Hall C)
18:10 --- Music ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Posters (until 16:00) ()
15:50 --- Coffee ---
Biomolecules (until 17:15) (Lecture Hall B)
16:10 Guanine-rich DNA regions and their amazing structures - Prof. Janez Plavec (Slovenian NMR Center, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Slovenia)   (Lecture Hall B)
16:45 Unique quadruplex structure and anti-disease activity of RNA aptamer, and in-cell NMR of nucleic acids - Prof. Masato Katahira (Kyoto University)   (Lecture Hall B)
EPR (until 17:15) (Lecture Hall C)
16:10 Muti-Extreme THz ESR -Recent Developments and Future- - Prof. Hitoshi Ohta (Kobe University, Molecular Photoscience Research Center)   (Lecture Hall C)
16:45 High-Q Photonic Band Gap Resonators for mm-wave EPR of Lossy Aqueous Samples and Thin Films - Prof. Alex Smirnov (North Carolina State University)   (Lecture Hall C)
In-vivo (until 17:15) (Lecture Hall A)
16:10 Imaging Human Brain Function and Connectivity over Multiple Spatial Scales - Prof. Kamil Ugurbil (University of Minnesota)   (Lecture Hall A)
16:45 Deuterium Metabolic Imaging for in-vivo monitoring of pregnancy in mice at 15.2 T. - Dr Stefan Markovic (Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Chemical and Biological Physics, Rehovot, Israel)   (Lecture Hall A)
Metabolomics (until 17:15) (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:10 A Tale of Two Sugars: 13C NMR Tracking of the Metabolic Fates of Glucose and Fructose in Cancer - Prof. Lloyd Lumata (University of Texas at Dallas)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
16:45 Metabolic Pathway Profiling (MPP) with stable-isotope tracing - Dr Christian Ludwig (University of Birmingham)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
Spin Physics (until 17:15) (Lecture Hall D)
16:10 Up-conversion of NMR signals from radio-frequency to optical regimes through a mechanical transducer - Dr Kazuyuki Takeda (Kyoto University)   (Lecture Hall D)
16:45 Algorithmic cooling by using long-lived singlet states - Bogdan Rodin (International Tomography Center)   (Lecture Hall D)
Plenary Lectures (until 17:55) (Max Kade Auditorium)
17:15 Pulsed magnetic resonance with a free-electron laser - Prof. Mark Sherwin (University of California at Santa Barbara)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
19:00 --- Conference Banquet ---
12:30 --- Brunch ---
Awards Session (until 14:10) (Max Kade Auditorium)
Plenary Lectures (until 15:30) (Max Kade Auditorium)
14:10 Nanoscale magnetic spin resonance using the nitrogen vacancy centre in diamond - Prof. Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg (School of Physics, University of Melbourne, Australia)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
14:50 Dynamic Complexes and Complex Dynamics - NMR Studies of Large Scale Protein Motions - Dr Martin Blackledge (Protein Dynamics and Flexibility by NMR)   (Max Kade Auditorium)
15:30 --- Closing Remarks ---